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EasyNOAds is an extension that helps the browser filter such ads as: Pop-up and Popunder, annoying ads, tracking scripts, knowbots for information gathering (including personal), etc.

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Key benefits of the EasyNOAds extension

Blocks ADS

Blocks most of the intrusive ads including: autoplay video ads with sound, rich media, unwanted Pop-up and Popunder pop-up ads, and flash banners


Protects Your personal data by blocking all known systems for tracking user activity on the Internet


We do not track Your activity in the browser. We do not request or store Your personal data. We do not track You using advertising content.

Some Info About Us

In the history of modern WEB, there is probably no one greater leap forward than the building and launch of the best AD blocker known as the EasyNOAds.


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We provide these services to block annoying ADS.

Below you can see an example of blocking annoying ADS on promotional materials.

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